CHAIM GEBBER-OPEN SCENE was founded in 2014 under the artistic direction of Chaim Gebber.  Unification, culture, and social behaviors comprise the foundation of our work and process. Additionally, by collaborating with people from different origins we can understand how integrating differences also reveals commonalities e.g. the body and its needs, limitations, and reactions.

For his Projects CHAIM GEBBER developed a system of improvisation and composition tools ( The Conscious Body System) that give a straightforward and pragmatic entrance to his exploration of body mechanism and perception. Projects like Love Matters (2007)  ONE (2009) , Sharing Spaces (2010), SPELL (2012) , The Green Village ( 2013) and Body Play ( 2014) confirm and validate this direction of research in understanding and unifying the Humans as a unique “RACE”. CHAIM GEBBER uses in his works  choreographic constellations and a deep understanding of movement to question cultural/ Social behavior in depth physical and emotional states.


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